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3 ways Triple H envisions the future of WWE

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The future of WWE is all about expansion
The future of WWE is all about expansion

As we all know, Triple H is doing media rounds over in the United Kingdom after WWE opened a Performance Center in the UK Territory.

In an exclusive interview with Inside The Ropes, Triple H was asked questions regarding a wide range of topics. Naturally, The Game also talked about the future of WWE, and the dynamics surrounding his vision of the company.

Let us know in the comments about your unique vision of how WWE should function in the future. However, below are some snippets highlighting how Triple H envisions the future of WWE.

#1 WWE is set to function as a global territorial system

NXT UK is just a part of WWE's bid to expand worldwide
NXT UK is just a part of WWE's bid to expand worldwide

Triple H mentioned that one of WWE's major goals is to function as a territorial system within itself:

”There are some talent here that you might see come from the UK that might move straight to Raw, to SmackDown. I think right now there’s this sort of kind of perceived system where it’s like Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and then NXT UK or whatever.
I don’t believe that. I believe that talent are talent, and I believe they’ll sit where they sit. I believe you’ll see talent over the next few years start coming up to Raw and SmackDown, and I think you’ll see them move back over into NXT or come back into the NXT UK system.
I think talent will begin to evolve and rotate through territories, so to speak, and as this expands out to the rest of the globe, as you see this happening in the Middle East, or India, or Japan, or South America, you will begin to see that system take place, where talent can evolve.
I think there will be some talent that will become incredibly successful, will be global names, will be global household names that will probably never leave the NXT system because that’s their home base and it’s where they fit.
They’ll have incredibly successful, meaningful careers and probably over those careers they’ll gravitate to different locations within the globe, maybe without ever being on Raw or SmackDown but that not being any lesser to their careers.”

H/T: Cageside Seats

Unlike the '70s and early '80s, the major difference here is that WWE's expansion this time around will be on a global scale, as evidenced by Triple H highlighting the names of different territories in the above quote.

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