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3 ways WWE could make Bayley relevant again

Amit Shukla
2.13K   //    03 Oct 2018, 12:42 IST

Hug to greatness
Hug to greatness

Bayley is one of the most decorated superstars on the Raw roster. She had a great 30-minute Iron-Man match with Sasha at NXT Takeover: Respect and that got the world talking about the hugger.

The hugger came to the main roster as part of the main roster call-up, but she hasn't got some good storylines. She became the Women's Champion in controversial fashion and has been off the championship storyline ever since.

She was a part of a lame Boss-Hugger feud which sounded like a good storyline at first and then turned into obscurity. Fans loved her work in NXT and main roster, but despite all the hype and babyface character she hasn't become worthy of a good storyline or championship, and that is the most shocking thing.

With WWE Evolution happening this month and great shows taking place in months to come, here are 3 ways in which Bayley could be made relevant again:

#3 Bayley Attacks Sasha

WWE Universe reaction at this attack on Sasha Banks speaks volumes about what should be done next with Bayley. She is good as a hugger and would be loved as a babyface anytime in her career, but for now, let's make her heel.

This would be a great idea considering the fact that there must be some good storylines around Sasha Banks and Bayley, and this one involving these two great superstars would mean money for the company and great entertainment for the fans.

WWE is pushing Women's division, and if they push the two most amazing performers that put on an iron-man match at NXT Takeover: Respect, the results would benefit both superstars.

HHH & Stephanie are the core think tank behind the women's revolution, and Hunter proposed the Iron-Man Match between these two friends. We may see something great out of 'The Beautiful Mind' of 'The Game.'

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