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3 wishes: Smackdown Live 3/7/17

Throw a penny in a well and blow out some candles, it's 11:11 somewhere, time for some wishful thinking.

These are all going into both hands,

Raw always puts me in a bad mood, but if anything can snap me out of it, it’s SmackDown Live. And because I’m negative like half the week I’m going to take this time to be happy, optimistic, and wishful. Or at least just wishful. 

So here are my 3 wishes for Smackdown Live. And life in general, I guess. And a little hope on the last page. for funsies.

Wish Number One

These people. These are the people I’m mostly talking about.

I wish people on Smackdown Live would stop saying “the main event of Wrestlemania.”  

We all know there is no way the Blue Brand is gonna get billing over the Red Brand, especially now that it’s Brock vs. Goldberg III, which was probably gonna be the last match anyway. Fine, I get it, this is how the company has been sold to us.

Red is super important, Blue is less important, and two big dudes that wrestled maybe six times all year COMBINED are the most important. I’m just really happy Yellow gets it’s own day that weekend in Orlando. 

The winner of the Royal Rumble, by construct, is to go on and face whoever has the top belt in the company. That would be the WWE Championship. Not the Universal Championship, no matter what they say. It may be on the “flagship” show but I have Faygo in my refrigerator older than that belt. 

So, no, actually, I don’t wish the cast of Smackdown would stop saying “the main event at Wrestlemania.” I wish they actually WERE the main event of Wrestlemania. 

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