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3 wishes (3/21/2017): SmackDown Live, now starring Miz and Maryse

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You ever see Family Guy with that closet monkey?

I wish AJ Styles wasn't right about SmackDown’s ratings.

The truth is, AJ is pretty much exactly why SmackDown’s ratings aren’t plummeting. That’s not a slam against the Blue brand’s quality, in fact, I prefer SmackDown over Raw almost 100% of the time. But the fact of the matter is, AJ is their biggest draw when John Cena’s not around.

And that's fine, he is that good, I just want people to tune in to SL because it deserves to be watched for a lot more reasons than just "AJ Styles and sometimes Cena"

Despite the fact that SmackDown is still considered the less important show, it’s better television all around. The characters are given more time to develop, and the stories generally make some sense. They also seem to have a better understanding of how a pro wrestling television show should work.

They’re willing to roll with the punches and adjust when they need to, but also keep an eye on the direction of feuds and angles. It’s not perfect by any means, though. For instance, I am totally digging the Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton build to Wrestlemania 33, but I thought Orton burning Bray’s haunt shack down was a total misfire.

Now, I can think that’s lame but continue to like the overall story and be emotionally involved, because I appreciate the dedication to the story. Also, I'm a reasonable adult. Even just a little effort in pro wrestling storylines can go a long way.

Over on Raw, it feels like they had the entire next few years planned out before Finn Balor got hurt, and now they still haven’t figured out how to recover.

They book their Champions to look like dweebs, they waste talent to push people that the crowd secretly kinda hates, they take anything fun and burn it straight to the ground, and they keep telling me the most important thing is a match that lost all it's fire a year ago.

I'm not even sure you can realistically call Goldberg or Brock "Raw" guys, they're barely wrestling guys. 

Raw is super important, I understand that and respect that, but just leaning on the fact that it’s older than SmackDown can only end in disaster. So when AJ says that the ratings on Team Blue would be toilet spelunking if it wasn’t for him, it saddens me because he’s not the only reason the show is great, and it's a hell of a lot better than Red. 

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