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3 Wrestlers Alexa Bliss Is Good Friends With And 2 She Probably Doesn't Like

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Alexa has made many good friends since joining the WWE, but she has also made a couple enemies as well...
Modified 09 Sep 2018
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Alexa Bliss has unquestionably come a long way since her days spent in NXT as the valet for Wesley Blake and her real-life fiancee Buddy Murphy, and Bliss has since become one the WWE's top main roster women's wrestlers with multiple lengthy title reigns under her belt. While some fans give Alexa a hard time considering they believe the WWE has more talented women's wrestlers who are deserving of the spotlight more than Bliss (names such as Sasha Banks, Bayley among others), the simple fact remains Alexa Bliss does her job as the bratty top heel well.

Alexa has risen through the ranks at an extremely accelerated pace since joining the companies main roster, and though this is all well and good, a quick and significant push is bound to tick off some co-workers -- this is definitely true for Alexa Bliss and the women's locker room especially... With that being said, on the flip side, Alexa Bliss has also made many good friends since her debut on SmackDown Live back in December 2016. Today, we are going to be looking at 3 WWE wrestlers Alexa Bliss is good friends with, and 2 she probably doesn't like.

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#5 Friend: Mickie James

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Wrestling veteran Mickie James is one of Alexa Bliss' best on-screen and off-screen buddies...

Despite the fact Alexa Bliss and Mickie James have spent some time on-screen as rivals in WWE, Alexa is actually great friends with the veteran women's wrestlers behind the scenes. While she has not captured the Women's Championship since returning to WWE, Mickie James has undoubtedly once again established herself as one of the Women's Division's locker room leaders, and she has definitely taken Bliss under her wing...

The professional wrestling industry can be extremely cutthroat at times, so it's certainly a plus to have a friend in a position of seniority like James. Mickie James seems to get along with most talent backstage, so it's not all too surprising that she's friends with Bliss. Mickie James is now once again aligned with Alexa Bliss on-screen, so it's very likely that they're spending even more time together on the road.

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Published 09 Sep 2018, 01:01 IST
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