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3 Wrestlers Stephanie McMahon Is Good Friends With And 2 She Probably Doesn't Like

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In this article, we look at 3 wrestlers Stephanie McMahon is friends with, and 2 she probably doesn't like....

Despite the fact that many fans dislike Stephanie McMahon with a passion whenever she appears on WWE television, it's very hard to deny that she does her job as a heel authority figure extraordinarily well. Stephanie is not only an on-screen authority figure in WWE, but she also holds a ton of power backstage -- hence it is critical for wrestlers to get on the good side of McMahon behind the scenes.

While Stephanie McMahon plays an easily despised character on television, many wrestlers have gone on record to state that Stephanie is one of the genuinely nicest, fairest, and most business-savvy women in all of sports entertainment -- a great executive for WWE. Stephanie has undoubtedly learned all she knows about the business from her father Vince, and it's clear that once Vince decides to retire, Stephanie alongside her real-life husband Triple H will take over the reins of WWE.

However, although Stephanie McMahon has befriended many Superstars during her countless years of work for the company, as you might have expected, a few wrestlers, unfortunately, got on the bad side of "The Billionaire Princess". Today, we are going to be looking at 3 wrestlers Stephanie McMahon is good friends with, and 2 she probably doesn't like -- some of these names are bound to surprise you!

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#5 Friend: Finn Balor

Finn Balor is undoubtedly one of Stephanie McMahon's favorites...

While Finn Balor has not won over Vince McMahon as a legitimate main eventer in WWE, Stephanie McMahon certainly does not share the same opinion -- neither does Triple H... Finn Balor has the right look, the right babyface character and the overall move-set of a main eventer in 2018, and it's clear Finn's won over the hearts of many backstage in WWE despite his lack of significant or sustained pushes on-screen.

One of the key WWE executives who has a special appreciation and friendship with Finn Balor is Stephanie McMahon, and she undoubtedly views Balor as a company-friendly or model employee, hence why he has partaken in many of the WWE's outside involvements.

In fact, it was Stephanie McMahon who wanted Finn Balor to promote the LGBT community for the WWE, and his multiple LGBT-inspired merchandises reflect it -- portions of each sale go towards the LGBT charity GLAAD. Once Stephanie and Triple H take over control in WWE, you can be assured Finn Balor will receive that big push many fans believe he deserves.

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