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3 Wrestlers who desperately need a new finisher

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These wrestlers are in desperate need of a new finisher
These wrestlers are in desperate need of a new finisher

For an amazing finisher, look no more distant than Randy Orton's RKO or Roman Reigns' Spear. Both are immediately executed and are sudden and impactful. Another strong case, though with a bend, would be Samoa Joe's Coquina Clutch. It's magnificent to watch Joe's thick edge fold over another powerless wrestler, and the reality he can put it on practically anyone on the list is the best part about it.

But that's not all about a wrestler and a finisher. It additionally should fit a wrestler's character, be sufficiently over that it can solidly complete a match and look cool. Finding the correct one when nearly everything has been done before must be a bad dream. 

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It's a bad dream the names on this rundown need to wake up from and get considering, in light of the fact that the finishers they have go from horrendous to sick fitting or stale. 

While one might not agree with the list that I have put up here, I firmly believe these wrestlers can do a lot with a better finisher. A good finisher does make a great wrestler because of how the fights conclude.

#3 Sami Zayn (Finisher: Helluva Kick)

Sami Zayn's return should be with a new finisher
Sami Zayn's return should be with a new finisher

Why it needs to be changed: When Sami comes back from damage at some point in the coming months, his torn rotator will come out as a relief for the wrestler. The silver covering to Zayn's agony is that he'll feel crisp again, and the WWE universe will have disregarded his dreadful quarrel with Bobby Lashley and everybody will be satisfied to see him. 

That may make staying heel a task for him, at the same time, paying little respect to regardless of whether he remains a heel or re-grasps the babyface life, Sami must locate another completing move. The Helluva Kick, while an OK slice off strike part of the way through a match, isn't adequate.

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