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3 wrestlers who should sign with WWE and 3 who should not

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:47 IST

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WWE is the pinnacle of the wrestling business. Like the NFL or NBA, an athlete has "made it" once they sign with the worldwide leader. They've made it to the big leagues.

Most wrestlers start their careers with the end goal of joining WWE. It's seen as the culmination of sometimes a decade or more of work for some like AJ Styles. While making it to WWE is usually the goal of many, for some, it isn't the be all end all regarding their careers.

Wrestlers like Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks have stated that they are perfectly happy with where they are currently wrestling. Some enjoy the freedom of making their schedules while others like the ability to have their own creativity with their characters. Some enjoy the unscripted nature they're provided with for their promos.

While signing with WWE might be a goal for some wrestlers, it's not always the best place for them. Here are three wrestlers who should sign with WWE and three wrestlers who should abstain from signing with the WWE.

 #3 Should sign: Eli Drake

If you like people who can spin a yarn on the mic, Eli Drake is your man.
If you like people who can spin a yarn on the mic, Eli Drake is your man.

Eli Drake is one of the few wrestlers remaining from the time before Impact wrestling went through a transitional period a couple of years ago. Anthem Sports purchased the company from Dixie Carter. Carter had basically run it into the ground after making many poor decisions as President of the company.

Since the change, the product is immensely better. The wrestling is better. The storylines are better. One of the wrestlers who has been there through all of it is Eli Drake.

He was formerly a part of NXT back when it was called FCW. He was close to the Rock and it's easy to see how the Great One impacted Drake.

If you haven't seen him, he's one of the best promos in the business today. He can talk circles around a lot of people. He's sort of like Enzo Amore if Amore could wrestle and not be an obnoxious presence.


Drake is great in the ring and even better on the mic. If they pushed a guy like Amore because of his mic mastery, then surely they would push a guy like Drake, who, you know, can actually wrestle.

Drake also had a good run with the Impact Heavyweight Championship and it could be said his title reign was the bridge between the bad times and the good for Impact. If they'll sign EC3, Eric Young and others from Impact/TNA, then surely Drake could be a great fit.

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Published 13 Nov 2018, 11:38 IST
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