3 second & third-generation WWE wrestlers that were more successful than their parents and 2 that weren't

Marc Madison
Modified 16 Jul 2020
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#3. Randy Orton - More Successful

When the Legend Killer is your son, he
When the Legend Killer is your son, he's already blazing a new path

One case of a WWE second and third-generation wrestler being more successful professionally than his father need to look further than the circumstances of The Viper. Randy Orton first emerged in Ohio Valley Wrestling, and while there, he developed his craft.

As the son of Bob Orton Jr and the grandson of Bob Orton Sr, Randy had big shoes to fill. When he first came to WWE, it was no accident that he was given a platform. However, once we get past this, we saw that Orton could do things in the ring that his father and grandfather before him couldn't do.

His mobility and use of the ropes was unlike his elders. Randy Orton was amongst the most successful WWE second and third-generation wrestlers of all-time.

This, coupled with charm and confidence in the ring led to early championship success. However, as injuries struck him in his career, it became necessary that he would need to adapt his ring style if he hoped to continue. This he did.

What was gone were the days of Orton hitting dropkicks off the top rope. While they were replaced with chin locks and rest holds, the ability to tell a story has only grown. After fourteen world championships, who are we to argue with success. Orton is clearly among second and third-generation WWE wrestlers with the most success.

Published 16 Jul 2020
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