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3 WWE Superstars that hate Randy Orton and 2 that love him

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Orton has plenty of friends and foes in wrestling.
Orton has plenty of friends and foes in wrestling.

Randy Orton may be one of WWE's most controversial Superstars in recent history. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2004, Orton was quickly launched into the spotlight, with this being just the first of 13 World title wins.

With him having multiple WrestleMania main events, as well as two Royal Rumble match wins, it's clear that the WWE have faith in the St. Louis star.

This faith may have been misplaced though, as Orton's backstage antics have led to a lot of controversy, with several Superstars showing disdain for the Viper due to what he has, allegedly, done to them.

Whether it be defecating in a Diva's bag, or the recent allegations of unprofessional conduct with writers, Orton has kept his name in the spotlight for years, and not always for the right reasons.

Here are three WWE Superstars that love Randy Orton, and two that absolutely hate him.

#3 Hate: Mr Kennedy

Orton, Vince McMahon and Kennedy on an episode of WWE SmackDown.
Orton, Vince McMahon and Kennedy on an episode of WWE SmackDown.

When Mr Kennedy left the WWE in 2009, his departure was very abrupt.

The Loudmouth had only returned to the company four days ago, and even with WWE wanting to keep a clean image, it seemed impossible for the Green Bay native to have done anything to warrant a release.

The story, as Kennedy tells it at least, is that Orton wasn't pleased to see Kennedy return, and told WWE higher-ups, including Vince McMahon that Kennedy was dangerous to work with.


Kennedy also says that Orton enlisted John Cena to tell more tales about the former US Champion, despite the fact that Kennedy had been injured during a match by Orton, after a botched RKO.

Despite this, the company clearly wanted to make the Viper happy, and released Kennedy, who joined TNA Wrestling not long later.

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