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3 WWE Superstars Who Are Very Different In Real Life And 2 That Are Not

Aarti Sharma
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Every wrestler has their own gimmick in the WWE and they have to play it professionally.

Sometimes wrestlers play their role so well that the audience can't even differentiate between the reel and real. There are two types of characters a wrestler play - Heel and Face.

Heel wrestlers are villains who play negative role whereas, face wrestlers are the opposite of it. Many wrestlers have been portrayed as how they are in real-life and others just pretend to be like that.

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Let's take a look at 3 WWE wrestlers who are exactly the same as their gimmick in real life and 2 who are not.

#5 Same: CM Punk


There's a reason behind why CM Punk is so popular even after leaving the WWE for over 4 years now.

He has a magic in his voice and we can feel the special connection. He speaks with his heart and even his famous 'Pipebomb' promo wasn't scripted, he just spoke what his heart told him too.

WWE Universe knows him as a 'Straight Edge' superstar and many of his fans already know that he was actually living his life under his gimmick. He is a Straight Edge in real life too.

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