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30 Biggest WWE botches of 2017

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You'd make the same face as Randy Orton if you just dropped a Singh brother viciously on his head.
You'd make the same face as Randy Orton if you just dropped a Singh brother viciously on his head.

For much of the past year, we've documented right here at Sportskeeda as much of the WWE botches as possible. Most episodes of WWE Raw, a fair share of the WWE SmackDowns, and almost every pay-per-view have been followed by a rundown of the biggest slip-ups from the show.

After chronicling so much information, it's apropos that as 2017 comes to a close we offer again some of the most memorable highlights that Vince McMahon might prefer we forget about.

Featured in the following thirty entries are dental debacles for Jeff Hardy and Cesaro, wardrobe malfunctions for The Miz and Charlotte, and whatever that was that the Ball family was doing on MizTV. The highlights get bigger and better as we journey all the way to the biggest botch to happen on WWE's main roster programming this year.

So sit back, get comfortable, and prepare to cringe a little as you relive your favourite sports entertainers trying to get through uneasy situations.

#30 Not so smooth Tornado DDT

AJ Styles took on Brock Lesnar in an unexpected dream match at Survivor Series. Styles abruptly defeated Jinder Mahal just before this show for the WWE Championship, earning the right to represent his brand as the top guy in his inter-brand non-title match.

While AJ was successful in giving us the best Brock match in quite some time, there was one thing he couldn’t do: give The Beast a Tornado DDT. It simply looked like Lesnar didn’t rotate his body as smooth as Styles was hoping for here. This resulted in an awkward stall, then a sudden turn that caused AJ to faceplant on the mat. 

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