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4 baffling gimmick changes in WWE

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What were they thinking?

The Rock
Rocky Maivia's transition into The Rock. Image Courtesy

Gimmicks are as much a part of the WWE as wrestling skill. In fact, some gimmicks are so popular that they take a superstar to new, unprecedented heights. Hunter Hearst Helmsley becoming Triple H, Rocky Maivia transitioning to The Rock and Husky Harris giving way to Bray Wyatt are only a few examples of what a good gimmick change can do for a superstar's career.

On the other hand, there are some gimmick changes that are just baffling. There are plenty of examples of bad gimmicks killing any buzz a superstar might have. Whether it's Red Rooster or Moppy, some gimmicks just have us questioning 'what were they thinking?'.

Today, we're counting down 4 gimmick changes that have not only baffled us but have also contributed to successfully pushing superstars further away from stardom.

#4 Cody Rhodes to Stardust

Cody Rhodes as Stardust

This one is at least understandable. When WWE transitioned Cody Rhodes to Stardust, his career was already at a stalemate of sorts. His character wasn't really going anywhere, so a gimmick change wasn't that out of the left field. Cody Rhodes even managed to pull it off with some brilliant acting chops.

All that being said, it was never really a well thought out character and ended up floundering once the Goldust-Stardust partnership ran its course. This character felt more like it was meant to create a matching set with Goldust rather than have any success in the long run.

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