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4 Biggest WWE Superstars who should not be identified as Roman Reigns' mystery attacker

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Keep them away
Keep them away

In what is surely turning out to be one of the most intriguing stories on the main roster, let alone SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns is yet to find out the identity of his extremely calculative mystery attacker.

Though Samoa Joe, Drew Mcintyre, and Elias have all come out clean during the ongoing investigation, it's Daniel Bryan and Rowan who are yet to be given a clean chit.

One cannot deny that Bryan's involvement in this narrative could do wonders for Reigns as a babyface, but the gradual translation of this feud on-screen is suggesting us that there could be something more to the story than meets the eye.

After Buddy Murphy was coerced to admit that he lied about Rowan's possible involvement in this narrative, Bryan and Rowan are now vowing to deface the identity of the mystery attacker next week on SmackDown Live.

Whilst legions in the WWE Universe are expecting Luke Harper to re-introduce himself to the world, there are still a lot of superstars who could take this opportunity and knock the Big Dog off his perch.

Considering that the creative team need to be very calculative in proceeding this storyline, here are 5 WWE Superstars we hope are not identified as Reigns' mystery attacker.

#1 Baron Corbin

Stay away, Corbin
Stay away, Corbin

Despite having a 'go away' heat on the main roster, Baron Corbin is one individual that needs to stay away from the main event scene for some time.

The Lone Wolf was one of the most heavily pushed Superstars on Monday Night Raw in 2018, and if he's somehow identified as the mystery man behind it all, things are going to get worse.


It's understandable that he's an incredible performer between the ropes and Vince McMahon does find money in what he brings to the table.

However, the audiences haven't been invested in his feuds and if he indeed does turn up as the mystery attacker, it would only harm Roman Reigns and his current babyface run.

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