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4 Botches, slip-ups, and outrageous moments from WWE SmackDown Live (January 17th, 2017)

Where was that James Ellsworth/Carmella shopping spree we were promised?!

SmackDown Live had three solid matches this Tuesday!

With the Royal Rumble creeping closer and closer, SmackDown Live brought us a fairly eventful show. The announcement of the upcoming Elimination Chamber, as well as the return of Mickie James, were some of the more notable developments, and the wrestling wasn’t too bad either.

Three solid matches filled the show, including the main event Cage Match between Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. Overall, the blue brand is holding strong to its claim as the A show in WWE.

Now that I’ve gotten some praise out of the way, it’s time to move on to the other end of that spectrum. A few of the botches and outrageousness ahead include Miz being confused with the timeline of his and AJ Styles’ careers and a forgotten shopping spree between WWE’s oddest couple.

Also, JBL offered a botched run-in to aid Jerry Lawler that will likely become one of the biggest botches of the year. So without further delay, here are four of the biggest slip-ups of the night...

#4 JBL trips

Jerry “The King” Lawler brought his King’s Court to SmackDown Live, attempting to get the story regarding the recent dark choices Dolph Ziggler has made with his career. The in-ring interview segment devolved into a heated conversation, resulting in a superkick straight to the fragile heart of the WWE Hall of Famer.

Color commentator JBL was immediately concerned for his friend and frantically sprinted toward his aide.

Layfield was so concerned here that he completely tripped himself up as he left the announcer’s desk. He regained his composure and made it to his colleague’s side, but this won’t be a moment that’ll be quickly forgotten. Even after SmackDown returned from a commercial break, David Otunga remarked that John looked a little clumsy earlier. 

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