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4 Championships most likely to be left off the WrestleMania main card

It's not a Night of Champions card after all.

Top 5 / Top 10 08 Mar 2017, 13:17 IST
Mania 33 will feature alot of top titles

It's a funny new era that we're living in when it comes to WWE, with a whole host of new Championships being introduced following the brand split. Obviously, that was to be expected, but as we approach the biggest show of the year in a few weeks time, everyone is asking themselves the same question over and over again - which titles will be left off of the WrestleMania card?

Of course, there are some people who seem to believe it's a certainty that all of the belts will be on the line at the showcase of the immortals, but to those people, we simply shake our heads and sigh. Year in and year out there is a mid-card or tag title of some sort that isn't included on the main four-hour show, which almost always draws universal criticism from the WWE Universe. 

No, that wasn't a pun.

So this time round, we thought we'd get out in front of the knives and pitchforks by predicting what titles we think are going to fall at the final hurdle and either be thrown on the pre-show or forgotten about altogether. It's not a nice thought and none of the Champions on either roster right now deserve it, but that's the way this business goes.

With that being said, here are the five Championships most likely to be left off the WrestleMania main card.

#4 - Raw Tag Team Championships

Will Gallows & Anderson get a chance to shine?

As revealed on Monday Night Raw, Gallows & Anderson will be facing either Enzo & Cass or Sheamus & Cesaro for the Raw Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. On the face of it that sounds pretty good, but if you're been watching the red brand for the last few months, then you'll understand why those two potential match-ups don't fill us with the most excitement.

Whilst all three of these teams are more than capable of putting on great matches, the character work is severely lacking for all six guys involved. Sure they're talented, but that isn't enough to warrant a main card position sometimes and it feels as if some matches are just a little bit more deserving right now. Fact.

It's time for Little Miss Bliss.

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