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4 current feuds that need to end soon

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Have fans already lost interest in this storyline?

There have been some stellar examples of long-term storytelling in the history of pro wrestling - Hulk Hogan vs Macho Man, Stone Cold vs The Rock, Triple H vs Shawn Michaels to name a few.

In recent times too, there have been some stand-out feuds like Daniel Bryan vs The Authority, Sasha Banks vs Bayley in NXT. But, it seems like WWE have lost sight of what exactly a story needs to keep the fans captivated for a long time.

There have been some ongoing feuds that have grown so stale that fans cannot wait for these storylines to come to an end, and for the Superstars involved to move on to other feuds.

#4 Bobby Roode vs Elias

Three matches, zero story

Now this probably cannot even qualify as a storyline because there is no story to be told between these two Superstars. Yet, WWE have already had the two go against each other on three consecutive episodes of Raw!

When Roode moved over to Raw in the Superstar shakeup, fans were in anticipation that a heel turn and push were in the vicinity for The Glorious One. However, subsequent weeks have seen no such development.

Elias has been pretty over with the fans with his performances week after week, but he is very much in need of a wrestling feud before the fans lose interest in him. So, it is safe to say that these Superstars need to move on from each other and go on to other storylines next.

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