4 current WWE Superstars who have shown off impressive body transformations in 2022

Karrion Kross has undergone a radical body transformation
Karrion Kross has undergone a radical body transformation

In the ideal prototype of a WWE Superstar, an impressive, muscular physique, reminiscent of many male models, is essential, among other qualities. From Hulk Hogan to John Cena to Roman Reigns, most top stars in the industry boast awesome builds.

Several WWE Superstars have undergone dramatic positive changes in their physiques in the last year or so. This listicle looks at four stars who have shown off impressive body transformations.

#4 Angelo Dawkins recently lost weight

Angelo Dawkins recently lost weight.
Angelo Dawkins recently lost weight.

Following a two-month hiatus, The Street Profits returned to television on the November 28th edition of RAW. Montez Ford had suffered a calf injury, and WWE removed Angelo Dawkins from television while his partner was on the shelf.

Fortunately, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions seem to have returned with more vigor. Fans had sensed some friction between them before Ford's injury, but they now work like a well-oiled machine. However, their attitude wasn't the only change noticed as Dawkins lost weight during his absence.

The powerhouse of The Street Profits returned with a leaner physique, which may aid his athleticism and agility. Dawkins removed his singlet, too, over the course of their return match, heralding a confidence boost due to his impressive body transformation.

#3 Upon his WWE return, Karrion Kross showed off a more muscular build

When Triple H took over creative control, Karrion Kross was one of the first stars who returned under his regime. The former NXT Champion made an immediate impact on his re-emergence by taking out Drew McIntyre.

However, the returning Kross was quite different from the person who was released in November 2021. The former NXT star had added more muscle mass, especially around the shoulders and biceps, giving him a more chiseled physique. He was no longer bald as he had grown his hair, which somehow only added to his menacing presence.

Needless to say, Kross looks more intimidating now. When he feuded with McIntyre, he was presented as an equal due to his chiseled physique which allowed him to size up and stand toe-to-toe with the former WWE Champion.

#2 Braun Strowman looks better than ever

When Braun Strowman first debuted as The Black Sheep in 2015, many felt he was overweight and sloppy in the ring. This was partially because his movement was limited by his physique.

However, as the years passed, The Monster of All Monsters lost excess weight and muscled up, becoming an absolute top physical specimen. Compared to the man he was in 2015, Strowman is almost unrecognizable today. The transformation has allowed him to incorporate more athletic maneuvers into his arsenal.

Strowman looks incredibly lean, but that hasn't impacted his strength and power. The former Universal Champion is in the best physical shape he's ever been in, and this should work wonders for him.

#1 WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther

Gunther improved his physique.
Gunther improved his physique.

In NXT, The Ring General went by the name "WALTER." In terms of demeanor and wrestling ability, there wasn't much difference between him and Gunther apart from one glaring dissimilarity. Gunther is much leaner.

The Austrian Anomaly has lost significant weight around the belly, chest, and shoulders. The improved, leaner physique could be partly why he has been held in such high regard by the WWE management. Dave Meltzer has said that Vince McMahon's liking for slimmer wrestlers may have played a role in his ridiculous body transformation, but Gunther later stated that it was his own initiative.

In the shape of his life, Gunther has been an unstoppable force on the main roster. The chops are as, if not more, vicious and the leaner physique has only enhanced the freakish athleticism.

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