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4 entertaining moments in the history of WWE Royal Rumble

Abdul Shakoor
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Royal Rumble is one of the most amazing events of WWE. A relief from the normal pinfall or submission matches, endearing the fans with fun-to-watch moments. Some of them are so funny and entertaining to watch. Here is the list of few entertaining moments from Royal Rumble events.

(1) Santino Marella's early exit

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That doesn't count

The cobra man holds an embarrassing record of quickest exit from the ring in Royal Rumble. He made a quickfire entry in the 2009 Royal Rumble and Big Red Machine was ready to knock him down in a nanosecond. The reaction of Santino Marella after being clotheslined by the monster was hilarious to the definition of it. Something happened which wasn't supposed to and Kane gave him a witty smile.

(2) John Cena OR Hornswoggle:

Attitude adjusted gleefully
Attitude adjusted gleefully

The entertaining Hornswoggle and John Cena teamed up in Royal Rumble 2011 to present a worth ROFL-ing double knuckle shuffle to Heath Slater and an Attitude Adjustment to Tyson Kid by the little man after demanding him on his shoulders. The man in green teamed up with Kofi Kingston later and nailed a boom drop too.

(3) A lot more than one's strength

Was never gonna happen
Was never gonna happen

Gregory Helms (the hurricane) tried to show his prowess by trying to chokeslam Triple H and Stone Cold together in Royal Rumble 2002. On knowing the consequences, his reaction was priceless. He was punished by the duo and was thrown over the ropes harshly and immediately.

(4) Dance it off


In 2005 version of Royal Rumble, the Canadian wrestler, Rene Dupree, was eying his finisher French-tickler and was dancing. The man standing behind was Chris Jericho who didn't want him doing the moves. So he dragged the Canadian and eliminated him over the ropes and did the stolen moves of Rene Dupree saying, "I can do better".