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WWE SummerSlam 2018: 4 Insane Things That Could Happen At The Event

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Will KO become World Champion at SummerSlam?

2018 has been a strange year for WWE fans, and the reason for that is the odd but largely shocking decisions the WWE has made during this year. From Brock Lesnar still facing Roman Reigns for the Universal Title to Asuka's undefeated streak being ended in a such a surprising manner, those are just a two of the many times WWE decided to swerve their fanbase this year.

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And at Summerslam 2018, fans can be sure that the surprises will keep on coming, as the manner in which the match card has been set up leaves a lot of possibilities open for discussion. And theories like Paul Heyman being responsible for Brock Lesnar's demise and stars like Becky Lynch are going to turn heel at the event are shocking topics that were already discussed and debated about in detail.

But then there are decisions that WWE will likely consider that would probably range from astounding to just plain insane. Moreover, with rumours circulating that WWE doesn't feel that the Summerslam match card has much hype surrounding it, they could go all out at the event to ensure that fans leave astonished at what they have just seen. Therefore, that could mean any one of these following scenarios could take place.

#1 Alexa Bliss hands Ronda Rousey her first loss in WWE

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An insane decision to even comprehend, to begin with.

Alexa Bliss vs Ronda Rousey is not a rivalry that most would expect to garner boatloads of excitement from the wrestling fanbase, but taking into consideration how intriguing Rousey is in the ring and what a fantastic heel Alexa Bliss is, these two might find the right balance between their contrasting styles and pull off an entertaining match.

But the question that has fans divided is, how will this match conclude? While the two most likely options are Rousey decimates Bliss and wins the Raw Women's Title, or Bliss wins via disqualification or one of her allies bail her out. But fans know that the least likely possibility is Bliss standing toe to toe with Rousey and beating her clean, and that is an option that could insanely enough play out.

Bliss's entire rivalry with Rousey is based on one core theme, the fact that Rousey is still a rookie in the world of professional wrestling, while on the other hand, Bliss has been around long enough to be considered a seasoned pro. And while you may have to suspend your disbelief to imagine a scenario where the cowardly Bliss outwrestles a former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, it is something that is crazy enough to happen inside a wrestling ring.

As we have seen in the past, Bliss go toe to toe with Nia Jax and hold her own, we have seen her squash Bayley when "the huggable one" was still concerned as a legitimate champion, and we have seen Bliss survive the Elimination Chamber with the help of no one. Sure, WWE's booking allowed her to achieve all those feats, as it is pro wrestling people, but the point is that we have seen her do it in the past, and it could happen again.

Moreover, WWE seems as if they want to take a subtle way of taking Ronda to the top, as building her up as a prototypical superhuman like John Cena in the women's division could make the shaky WWE audience turn ion her in an instant. Therefore, if Rousey does lose clean to Bliss, it will give her more character development, as that what her WWE career needs at this moment-a space for her to grow as a character.

As learning the lesson of not underestimating her opponent could make her more retable in the long as WWE is set on making her the face the of women's wrestling. So insanely enough Rousey to Alexa Bliss doesn't sound that crazy at this point.

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