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4 little known facts about The Elimination Chamber

We are a week away from the 2018 Elimination Chamber
Modified 20 Feb 2018
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The Elimination Chamber is an annual marquee match in WWE, which takes place inside an enormous chain-linked, steel structure which encircles the ring. It was introduced in 2002 when Eric Bischoff was the onscreen GM of Monday Night Raw, and till date, there have been 20 elimination chamber matches.

This year, WWE is set to create history by having the first ever Women's Elimination Chamber match as well as the first ever 7-man Elimination Chamber match. This year the PPV is set to take place at the T-Mobil arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 25th.

While we wait for the PPV, let's take a look at a few little-known facts about the Elimination Chamber.

#4 It is the brainchild of HHH

The Game created this monstrous structure

While in kayfabe it was Eric Bischoff, then onscreen GM of Raw, who invented the concept of the Chamber, it is, in fact, a creation of The Cerebral Assassin. HHH has admitted that it was his idea, where he envisioned a square cage with four wrestlers in one corner each, with two wrestlers starting the match and the others joining them at intervals.

However, HHH also revealed that 'in typical WWE form', when the EC became a reality, it was twice as big and twice as elaborate than what he had in mind.

This was The Game's reaction when he first saw the Elimination Chamber-

"..we don't do anything small, so I should have known better. When I stood in it for the first time, I thought, 'Jeez. Please don't tell anybody this was my idea!'"
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Published 18 Feb 2018, 18:31 IST
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