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4 matches we want to see The Undertaker in

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The Dead
The Phenom will be remembered for generations to come

The Undertaker is the greatest performer in the history of this business and once he hangs up his boots, he can never be replaced. What he has achieved in the WWE is gargantuan, to say the least. He has put on a supernatural gimmick that continues to entertain the audience to its core.

There's no denying that 'The Phenom' is nearing retirement. With rumors circulating that at WrestleMania 34 we could see him go against John Cena, the fans have begun speculation regarding The Undertaker's status for the next year's WrestleMania.

Here are the 4 matches of The Undertaker you wish to see before you die

#4 The Undertaker vs Kevin Owens

The Phenom vs The Prizefighter is money

Well, at this age it seems beneficial for 'The Phenom' to compete with performers that are young and those that can carry a solid bout inside the squared circle. This is where a guy like Kevin Owens comes into play who is not only a solid performer but would fit Taker's choice of opponents at this stage of his career. Kevin Owens vs The Undertaker is a money making match and can headline any pay-per-view if booked right.

This match will be well received by the mainstream audience and could be a monumental way to push Owens to the top of the mountain. The man deserves to be in the big leagues and certainly has all the ingredients to headline WrestleMania one day. Well, this is a feud that the WWE Universe would love to see before 'The Deadman' hangs up his boots.

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