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4 of the strangest things WWE does

Sometimes, we are left scratching our heads.

Randy Orton burned Wyatt Family Compound
Randy Orton burned Wyatt Family Compound

The sole purpose of WWE is to deliver entertainment to wrestling lovers with its intriguing storylines and contents. The management and team work towards enriching the experience for the audience.

In today's world where everything can be leaked via the internet, WWE still manages to surprise us.

But in delivering so much content on a weekly basis, WWE often deviates from the path and makes some strange decisions. Here are some of the things WWE does which leaves many fans confused.

#4 A championship must be defended within 30 days

Naomi had to surrender her title due to injury
Naomi had to surrender her title due to injury

According to the WWE rulebook, a champion must defend their title at least once within 30 days or else they will have to relinquish it. Superstars like Naomi, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins and Finn Balor have been forced to surrender their title because of this rule.

But there have been times when a champion has held onto their belt without even defending it for a month. One of the Superstars who has been given this leverage is Brock Lesnar. He won his universal title from Goldberg on April 2th but made his first title defence on July 9th, thereby clearly violating the rule.

In WWE rules are sometimes broken with or without any consequences.

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