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4 people Batista can attack to get even more heat from Triple H

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Batista and Triple H are set to face each other
Batista and Triple H are set to face each other

The Animal Batista and Triple H seem to have embarked on a feud lately. Batista attacked Triple H's mentor and father figure, Ric Flair on his birthday celebration. After the ruthless assault, Triple H seems furious on Batista. The Game is waiting to get his hands on him at WrestleMania 35.

Mind games are an essential part of any rivalry. If Batista needs to get more momentum then he needs to get into the mind of his rival Triple H. One of the ways to get into the mind of Triple H is to continue attacking the people who are very close to him.

Fans have gotten used to seeing Triple H as a cunning authority figure for a while so it would be tough for them to side with him unless they show him as a sympathetic babyface. Batista would need more heel heat in this feud.

Taking out certain people would earn more heel heat to Batista and get more people to side with Triple H. Most importantly it would add some interest to this storyline.

#4 Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie McMahon

To extract the full fury of Triple H, one needs to attack Stephanie. His Evolution protege Randy Orton knows this very well. During the build-up to his WrestleMania 25 battle with Triple H, Orton attacked Stephanie multiple times with RKO.

He went even a step further and kissed an unconscious Stephanie right in front of a handcuffed Triple H. This took their rivalry to a wholly personal level. Triple H looked so emotional during that rivalry with Orton.

Stephanie McMahon had been a heel for a while now. Getting an attack from Batista would make her a face once again. It is evident that Triple H would be the face in the whole WrestleMania feud with Batista. His spouse can also turn face to give more weight to the storyline. To be honest, after years of playing heel as the Authority these two need some sympathy for the fans to support them.

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