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4 potential candidates if pro wrestling had a Mount Rushmore

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This June 1995 photo shows Mt. Rushmore,
Mt. Rushmore, USA

Mount Rushmore has always been iconic. It symbolises the creation of America. Moreover, it honoured those primarily crucial. However, what would happen if wrestling had a Mount Rushmore? There are a plethora of worthy individuals, but who in particular? 

Ultimately, for those unaware, each face on Mount Rushmore was chosen with purpose. They would each represent a key component. These included; birth, growth, development, and preservation. Therefore which wrestlers were most crucial to modern pro wrestling? It is an exciting topic. Nevertheless, every fan would have differing opinions. 

Who would you include? 

#4 Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan's reaction was immense
Hulk Hogan's reaction was immense

Terry Bollea aka Hulk Hogan, was perhaps the most influential character in modern wrestling. Moreover, he is potentially its father. Regardless of interest in wrestling or not, most people know the name, Hulk Hogan.

He began wrestling in 1977. However in 1983 'Hulkamania' was born. Ever since then Hogan has been synonymous with wrestling. 

From 1983 up till 1993, Hogan ran wild in WWE (called WWF back then). He was the pinnacle attraction, winning the WWE Championship multiple times. Ultimately Hogan's presence was crucial to the success of WrestleMania.

Throughout that period, he feuded with; Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Sgt Slaughter. Of course others faced Hogan. In 1994 he debuted on WCW. 

During his time in WCW Hogan turned heel (a bad guy), thus shocking the world. Why was it shocking? Well, until that point he was the cliche good guy character.

Now known as 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan, he would become the leader of the New World Order (NWO), arguably one of the greatest stables in wrestling. Nevertheless, Hogan at this stage began slowing his career. 

He eventually retired from wrestling in 2015 having worked for TNA in an authoritative role. Hogan's influence and investment in wrestling should be recognized.

Moreover, his actions developed others. He would specifically pave the way for Bret Hart to become WWE Champion for the first time. 

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