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4 PPV matches which took place with no storyline 

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Fans' reaction when these matches took place at PPVs!
Fans' reaction when these matches took place at PPVs!

WWE PPVs are big events where the ongoing story-lines in the company culminate or further build-ups take place. It is a dream for every WWE superstar to be a part of the pay-per-views. The WWE creative team puts their finest efforts to build the specials but sometimes they have shocked the fans by giving away random match-ups at multiple PPVs. Some proved out to be classics which deserved an even nobler stage while the remaining filler content would have gone unnoticed on WWE weekly TV shows.

(PPVs of 2017 are considered for this list)

#1 The "Demon King" Finn Balor vs AJ Styles, TLC 2017

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The 2017 TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs was a RAW exclusive PPV that took place on 22nd October in Minneapolis, Minnesota. At No Mercy, Finn Balor defeated Bray Wyatt in a regular match-up. This feud further heated up as Bray Wyatt would intervene Balor’s path to the Universal Championship. The Eater of the Worlds stated that despite Randy Orton’s best efforts, Sister Abigail was still alive and would hurt the first-ever Universal Champion. Sister Abigail vs The Demon King was all set for TLC but due to medical reasons Wyatt could not compete which led to RAW General Manager contacting the then SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan to allow AJ Styles for a one-off appearance at the red brand’s special. This impromptu match-up set the internet wrestling community on fire as this marked the first event where two of the world’s best would go one-on-one against each other. WWE gave these men 18 minutes to showcase their in-ring magic in what transpired to be one of the “Match of the Year”. The crowd was red hot for the match with chants of “this is awesome” echoing through the arena even before they exchanged a single blow. This match-up deserved a better build-up and a big 4 PPV stage. WWE should plan a full-fledged program between the two former NJPW stars before it is too late.

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