4 reasons why Carmelo Hayes betrayed Trick Williams on WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2024

Carmelo Hayes surprised everybody at WWE NXT Vengeance Day
Carmelo Hayes surprised everybody at WWE NXT Vengeance Day

WWE NXT held their latest premium live event last night. The white and gold brand's Vengeance Day 2024 show took place in front of thousands of excited fans and ultimately delivered a night of fun action and memorable moments.

While the entire show was fun, the main event was particularly stand out. Trick Williams challenged Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Championship in what could very well end up being the match of the year once 2024 comes to an end.

Unfortunately for Trick, it wasn't his night and he lost to The Mad Dragon after a fantastic match. Things went from bad to worse, however. Post-match, Carmelo Hayes shockingly clipped Williams' knee. He then proceeded to smash his leg repeatedly with a steel chair.

The move left fans in disbelief before they eventually began chanting obscenities at The A-Champ. Some aren't sure why the former North American Champion did what he did. This article will look at a handful of possible explanations for Carmelo's disgraceful actions.

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Below are four reasons why Carmelo Hayes betrayed Trick Williams on WWE NXT Vengeance Day 2024.

#4. He may believe that Trick Williams was holding him back in WWE

Carmelo Hayes on SmackDown
Carmelo Hayes on SmackDown

Carmelo Hayes is one of the most successful WWE NXT stars of the modern era. He debuted on the brand prior to the show being changed to NXT 2.0. From there, he has thrived in the company through the 2.0 and white & gold eras.

His success is obvious, as Hayes has been affiliated with WWE's main roster in recent months. He took part in the United States Championship Tournament, the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble Match, and in various other bouts on Friday Night SmackDown.

Hayes may see himself as a big star and Trick Williams will hold him back. When Carmelo can battle the likes of Kevin Owens, Austin Theory, and Grayson Waller on SmackDown, he may decide hanging around Trick just isn't worth his time anymore. That could be the reason for the very physical split between the two.

#3. Carmelo Hayes may be jealous of Trick's recent success

While Carmelo Hayes has been seen by more fans and at a higher level than ever before in WWE, not everything has been going great for The A-Champion. He lost the coveted NXT Championship to Ilja Dragunov in 2023. Despite his best efforts, he has yet to win a title since.

Meanwhile, Trick Williams has gone from Carmelo's sidekick to a top star in the company. He receives massive applause from the WWE fanbase, and even defeated Dominik Mysterio for the North American Championship last year.

Trick's time as champion was short-lived, but between his success there, headlining a premium live event, and his immense popularity, Carmelo may feel bitter. He was supposed to be the star. Now, however, they're both big names and Trick seems to be doing even better than Melo. That could have caused bitterness and thus a heel turn.

#2. He could be angling for a major match at NXT Stand & Deliver 2024

As noted, WWE NXT's latest premium live event aired last night. The big show was titled Vengeance Day 2024 and it was another successful event for the white and gold brand. Every major show they put on seems to be a hit ever since going back on the road.

The brand's next PLE is Stand & Deliver 2024. The big show will be held during WWE WrestleMania weekend on Saturday, April 6th, 2024, at the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For now, no big matches have been confirmed for the show, but most fans can expect Trick Williams to compete. Meanwhile, there's no indication that Carmelo Hayes will make the card given his recent fall from grace. His assault on Trick could've been an attempt to guarantee a big match at the show.

From Carmelo's perspective, he can take the injured Trick's spot. Or the more upsetting option: Hayes could be using the assault on Trick to guarantee a major match as the two former friends may clash in Philadelphia.

#1. Hayes could be bitter that Trick never trusted him

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams
Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams

The story of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams has been going on for years, but their split is far more recent. The build up to Melo's heel turn began months ago, however, and has featured numerous twists and turns along the way.

The most memorable moment, perhaps, was when Trick Williams was found assaulted backstage. Many in the WWE Universe suspected Lexis King was the attacker, but that proved not to be true. Others blamed Ilja Dragunov, but he seemingly wasn't responsible either.

Interestingly, Trick, at least for a little while, believed his best friend Carmelo could have been behind it. There was animosity between the two and that could have caused resentment. If Melo really didn't attack his friend, Trick not believing Hayes could have fractured their relationship for good.

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