4 Reasons why Ricochet must NOT join AEW after he leaves WWE

Tony Khan, Ricochet & Triple H
Ricochet will reportedly part ways with WWE this summer [Image credits: wwe.com, WWE on YouTube, and AEW on YouTube]

Ricochet initially made a name for himself on the independent wrestling circuit as one of the most talented high-flying pro wrestlers. He was signed by WWE in 2018 and quickly got over with the fans in the black-and-gold era of NXT.

The One and Only joined the main roster in 2019. He captured the United States and Intercontinental Titles under the Vince McMahon-led creative team. Five years after signing with the Stamford-based promotion, Ricochet reportedly informed officials that he would not re-sign with WWE after his contract expires this summer.

He will likely end up in AEW once he potentially leaves WWE. But it may not be the best decision for him, and here are four reasons why.

#4 AEW has arguably mishandled many former WWE talents

Since its inception in 2019, AEW has signed numerous talents who were once part of WWE. There are a few names who have succeeded in the Tony Khan-led promotion after leaving the global juggernaut, but a lot of talents have also got lost in the shuffle.

AEW has not done much with wrestlers like Keith Lee, Malakai Black, and The Hardys, just to name a few. Many performers like Andrade and Shawn Spears, who left WWE in the hope that AEW would use them better, came back to the Triple H-ran company after having a disappointing run under Tony Khan.

Ricochet could suffer the same fate as many other former WWE talents in AEW. Hence, it may not be the best destination for him.

#3 AEW is not as popular as WWE

WWE has a much larger fan following than AEW. It is a worldwide phenomenon and a stage where most top pro wrestlers want to perform.

Ricochet would not get as much exposure in AEW as he is currently getting in WWE. A large portion of the Stamford-based company's fanbase does not follow the Tony Khan-led promotion's product. As a result, the former Intercontinental Champion could lose much of his fan following by going there.

#2 Samantha Irvin is signed to WWE

Samantha Irvin, who joined WWE in April 2021, is arguably the best ring announcer in the company right now. She seems to be enjoying her time in the company and will likely not part ways with it anytime soon.

Ricochet and Irvin started dating after they met at the WWE Performance Center and got engaged at the start of 2023.

The couple is currently a part of WWE RAW, so they can travel to shows together. If The One and Only signs with AEW, that will not be possible anymore.

#1 Ricochet may not be able to stand out in AEW

Whenever Ricochet sets foot inside the ring, he does not fail to impress fans with his insane pro wrestling skills. His biggest strength is his high-flying ability. However, AEW has too many talents who have similar skills as the former NXT North American Champion. Hence, he may not be able to shine properly in the company.

Stars like Will Ospreay, Rey Fenix, Darby Allin, and PAC are already offering things to the Jacksonville-based promotion that Ricochet can do. Therefore, Tony Khan may not see him as someone beyond a wrestler who can put on great matches, which is seemingly not enough to make it to the top.

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