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4 Reasons why Dean Ambrose shouldn't remain the Intercontinental Champion

Dean Ambrose shouldn't stay as the Intercontinental champion, here are four reasons why.

The Lunatic fringe is the Intercontinental champion

The Lunatic Fringe is in his 2nd reign as the Intercontinental Champion and has been enjoying a good past few months as of late, considering his championship wins.

However, his reign as the Intercontinental Champion has been rather stale, and here are a few reasons why he should drop the belt as soon as possible:

#1 The Miz’s relevance as the Intercontinental Champion

The Miz was one of the most well-booked champions

The Miz has had 4 title reigns as The Intercontinental Champion from 2012-2015, but none of these reigns have had as deep an impact on his career as his 5th reign. He started off on Talking Smack! by responding to GM Daniel Bryan’s remarks on his in-ring style, claiming it as being soft and weak.

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Then, The Miz started mocking Daniel Bryan in the ring, during his matches, in his promos and he didn’t back down from making it a bit too personal with Bryan and Ziggler either. In his matches, he raised the bar for what a heel champion should be like.

With that, he brought a lot of attention to the title, something that Ambrose hasn’t been able to achieve in his two reigns as Champion.

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