4 Reasons why Undertaker’s American Badass gimmick would be better than the Deadman now

  • Rumors have it that Undertaker was supposed to appear at WrestleMania as the American Badass and that would have been the right decision...
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Deadman or American Badass?
Deadman or American Badass?

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Many might consider this a blasphemy. After all, The Undertaker took his character to another level with the Deadman persona. When anyone makes a list of the greatest wrestlers ever, the Phenom might just be on the top of it.

He is one of the very few wrestlers who were able to make themselves bigger than titles – The Undertaker has only seven major singles WWE titles to his name in his 29-year-long WWE career – and it was thanks to the Deadman that he became immortal.

However, this was not the only gimmick that he used. Another very popular Undertaker character was the Biker/American Badass Undertaker. He brought this gimmick in 2000 and continued it until 2004 (purists will claim that he became Big Evil in 2001 but I am going consider it as the Biker ‘Taker, which for me is a part of American Badass) before bringing back the Deadman again.

He has been the Deadman ever since but after such a long time, the…

#4 Dead Man gimmick has become too monotonous

The Undertaker
The Undertaker

When someone does the same thing for years, it is bound to feel a little monotonous. The morbidity surrounding the persona has somewhat restrained ‘Taker – especially on the mic.

In order to keep the legitimacy of the gimmick, he has to keep the rigidity surrounding it. However, given that he is 54 years of age now, trying to keep up with the dark act of his gimmick often makes the whole thing childish.

You won’t have to look very far to see that as Undertaker’s promos against DX before Crown Jewel last year is a testament to that. The promos with Kane looked so forced and so out of place that one couldn’t help but wonder as to whether they were tarnishing the great image of this immortal Deadman gimmick.


In this regard, the…

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Published 12 Apr 2019, 20:38 IST
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