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4 reasons why Vince McMahon could crown Charlotte the new women's champion on Raw this week (4 March 2019)

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Could this be a good move by the WWE?
Could this be a good move by the WWE?

The Raw women's title picture might be the best-constructed narrative on WWE TV today, as this was not a story that became a success overnight. It is a narrative that took time, history, and the right superstars to execute, as not one superstar in this storyline is replaceable, and that is something rare in wrestling today.

On Raw last week, we saw WWE peel another layer of this well-layered storyline when they had Ronda Rousey drop her title in the center of the ring and walk away.

This raised a lot of speculation, as what is the next step in the narrative if WWE pulled off this shocking move?

Well, on SmackDown Live last week, we might have gotten our answer. As Charlotte made her presence felt on the show with a great promo stating that she would be awarded the title Rousey left in the ring.

That got many critics and fans wondering if WWE would really pull that off, and to be honest, it feels like they just might.

#1 Heat makes a heel

Love to hate
Love to hate

Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, and Triple H are all great heels in the WWE, as these are veteran superstars that have managed to understand the concept of being an exceptional heel.

But this question is for you: how many of those stars do you really hate?

Well, judging by the overall reception each of these stars get, it's clear that the WWE Universe doesn't truly hate these wrestlers, which really questions their ability to draw heat anymore.


But when it comes to Charlotte Flair, there is something about her that is truly detestable in the eyes of fans. Whether its the fact that being the daughter of the greatest pro wrestler of all time gives her chances many others wouldn't get in life, or the fact that WWE pushes Charlotte in the main event at a time when another superstar is rising in that spot.

Which is why Charlotte being handed the women's title by Vince McMahon on Raw would be such a great heel moment in her career, as it will generate so much heat - it is hard even to imagine.

WWE wants to generate as much buzz as they can for this narrative, as they plan on making it the first women's WrestleMania main event, so with Vince doing something like this we could be in line for the biggest crowd meltdown of all time.

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