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4 Superstars who could retire the Undertaker

Abid Khan
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The Deadman is rumoured to retire this year

As much as it hurts to remember, the Undertaker lost to Roman Reigns in an unfortunate encounter that began the speculation that his career as an in-ring performer is over. 'The Phenom' has entertained generations of wrestling fans who look up to him as the greatest that ever lived but, there's no denying that despite being the most celebrated performer, his days as a wrestler have become numbered.

Well, it is rumored that he is scheduled to show up for a final farewell match at 'the Grandest Stage of them All' and, in order to give the Deadman a proper send-off, WWE must tap into a superstar who could get the rub by retiring the Undertaker and therefore capitalize on the monumental victory by reaching new heights of superstardom.

Here are the 4 superstars who must retire the Undertaker

#4 The Monster Among Men

This monster could become a force to reckon with

If WWE decides to end the career of the Undertaker, then they must definitely try to elevate a young superstar who has the ability to carry the torch for years to come. It makes sense for WWE to push the envelope with Braun on this one considering he is the hottest commodity on Monday Night's and, has displayed tremendous improvement as a character with his viciousness & dominance.

The Undertaker Vs Braun Strowman is a money match that would not only be the right time for WWE to pull the strings but, could catapult 'the Monster Among Men' to superstardom. 'The Phenom' must return for the final time with the mindset of elevating Strowman who has been on a roll since 2017 and it definitely seems an ideal time for 'the Monster Among Men' to decimate the Deadman and end his career for the better. Imagine the heat that could be garnered. It would be the perfect time to push the envelope with Braun and turn him into the biggest superstar on Monday Night Raw.

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