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4 Superstars who need to turn heel by the end of 2018

Sean Anderman
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Turn Balor Heel!

WWE has plenty of wrestlers on the roster that could turn heel. It's either because someone is naturally better at being a bad guy or they need it to save their careers.

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Those involved on this list have done much better as a heel in the past and need to go down the route once again. It's time for a change as turning these superstars heel can open a world of possibilities of matches or storylines you can do with them.

The year is half over and summer is kicking up really fast. These changes can be made over the summer if WWE wants to. The Summer period is one of the most exciting months WWE has with their company. Some of these can be made late this year even, but as long as it happens.

WWE struggles with their babyfaces and it shows. Some wrestlers are naturally better at being one thing compared to the other. Let's take a look at four WWE superstars who need to turn heel by the end of 2018.

#1 Bobby Roode

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Turn the 'Glorious One' Heel!

From watching Bobby Roode in the past, we can confidently say that he does a much better job as a bad guy than good. Look at his run in TNA, he did a fantastic job being a heel.

His run as the TNA World Champion proved that as he delivered every time he was in the ring. If you need more proof, let's take a look at his NXT run and his NXT Championship run. Even though Roode being in NXT was much shorter, he did great as a bad guy.

He faced the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Hideo Itami and did well against them. His run as a babyface lately isn't working and it's time for a change. Nowadays, he's remembered more for his theme song than his work in the ring.

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