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4 Superstars who should appear next on "The Electric Chair" to make it a must-see segment

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Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

After a rather controversial first segment of "The Electric Chair" that WWE presented to us last week on RAW with Sami Zayn as the guest, the company has teased the return of the segment with a post on their official Twitter handle that you can check below.

The Electric Chair is presented as a live fan interaction and Q&A session with a superstar sitting in the middle of a ring, and various announcers and backstage interviewers spread in the arena to let some fans ask their questions. By the looks of it last week, Corey Graves is the one to host these segments.

With Sami Zayn namedropping WWE's newest rival "AEW" on last week's segment of The Electric Chair, WWE sure seems to be building this as the hardcore and controversial part of the show with a return tease.

The pro-wrestling world is on fire in the last few weeks with so much going around, especially the budding war between AEW and WWE, and the massive shots that the two companies are taking on each other. Dean Ambrose aka Jon Moxley's highly controversial podcast with Chris Jericho just took things to another level. The ball is now in WWE's court to play and give a reply to the rivals.

In this article, let's take a look at the 5 Superstars who should appear next on "The Electric Chair" to make it a must-see segment.

#4 Renee Young

How will Renee respond to her husband's comments?
How will Renee respond to her husband's comments?

After Jon Moxley's comments and burial of the company during Chris Jericho's podcast a few days ago, a massive question in everyone's mind is what happens with Renee Young now? Renee, if you don't know, is Moxley's wife who works in WWE as the in-ring commentator on RAW.

Moxley mentioned in his podcast that he didn't quit WWE midway on his contract because he did not want his wife to face any awkwardness because of him. Honestly, I think this statement was pretty weird as he definitely would have made things awkward between Renee and WWE officials after that podcast.


If that "AEW" mention last week was indeed intentional by WWE, it seems the company wants to embrace the controversial side of the war to make fans tune in and see the shows. What better way to give it back to the company by letting Moxley's wife Renee appear on the segment as the guest.

Could she namedrop "Moxley" as Sami did with "AEW" last week? That would surely be an "OMG did she just say that" moment.

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