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4 things that must happen at the Greatest Royal Rumble

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Greatest Royal Rumble poster
Glorified house show or WrestleMania 2.0?

It feels odd to say we're only a day away from one of WWE's biggest shows on a Thursday, but the company has gone all out to make Friday's Greatest Royal Rumble feel like the second coming of WrestleMania for the year.

An odd mixture to be sure, but important matches have been booked, which will mean much for the months ahead.

Some matches do feel like glorified exhibitions. A that Undertaker will defeat Rusev in the casket match and that John Cena will walk out with a victory over Triple H.

The Bludgeon Brothers retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt claiming the vacant Raw Tag Team Championship seems assured. Things get murkier from there.

If booked properly, this pay-per-view might exceed WrestleMania in quality and nicely set up the post-Superstar Shakeup environment of 2018. Here's how the company can do that.

#1 Both mid-card titles stay put

Seth Rollins Intercontinental Champion
Raw should remain Monday Night Rollins

Despite the Superstar Shakeup, the Intercontinental and United States Championships might still flip shows, as Jinder Mahal will have his rematch with Jeff Hardy while two of Seth Rollins' challengers, Samoa Joe and The Miz, are now on SmackDown.

The mid-card was the division most affected by the shakeup on both shows, and the change promised a renewal.

While Joe bringing the Intercontinental Championship to SmackDown would certainly be interesting, The Miz winning would feel far too repetitive, especially since he has a much bigger feud looming with Daniel Bryan.


Finn Balor is just kind of there and doesn't feel like a real challenger to Rollins at the moment. Similarly, the United States Championship is in far better hands with Hardy than Mahal.

It would be for the best to let Rollins and Hardy lead their respective divisions over the coming months.

Promising matches and feuds await them both, and hot-shotting the titles to other people so soon after they won isn't best for business.

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