4 things Triple H desperately needs to add to the WWE Women's division

Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative of WWE
Triple H is the Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative in WWE

Since Triple H became Head of Creative in WWE, it seems like wrestling is alive again. In his reign until now, The Game has made several changes that have worked in his favor and have also benefitted the promotion. The result of the same could be seen at the recently concluded WrestleMania 40.

However, just because Triple H is leading WWE to greater heights, it does not mean he has no room for improvement. There are several things The Game can add and improve, and in this article, we will look at four things he can add to WWE's women's division.

#4. Triple H can introduce a mid-card title for the main roster

Until Rhea Ripley lost the Women's World Championship due to injury, she had a long run as champion – 380 days, to be precise. This means that women apart from Ripley on RAW had no chance of winning a title. While the Tag Team Championship was there, not everyone had a tag partner.

Hence, Triple H and WWE can introduce a mid-card title for the women on the main roster, which would only increase competition. It will also give the women a purpose if the World or WWE Women's Champions are going to have long title reigns.

#3. More long stories in the women's division


If someone had to point out the one match and storyline that made WrestleMania 40 a hit, they would point toward Cody Rhodes vs. The Bloodline. While this rivalry included big names, the major reason it succeeded was because of the long-term storytelling

However, when one looks at the women's division, it seems this long-term storytelling is lacking, and throwaway matches are increasing. This is something Triple H can ensure does not happen, and the women in WWE get longer stories, too.

#2. Develop Women's Tag Teams and Factions


In the last few years, The Bloodline's success has been of great importance to WWE. The faction's rise to popularity has benefitted the promotion a lot. While every member of The Bloodline played a significant part in the faction's rise, WWE also invested plenty in building them up.

This is something the promotion could do with the women, too. WWE could look to build a dominant female faction and give them a push. Apart from this, another significant area WWE can work on is the Women's Tag Team division, which is not in the best state.

#1. More main events for female wrestlers


In recent times, the female superstars in WWE have been putting up great performances. Not only do they look technically sound inside the ring, but they also take massive risks. The 2023 Money in the Bank and 2024 Elimination Chamber matches are perfect examples of this.

Hence, it would be only fitting for these women to receive more main event matches on RAW, SmackDown, and PLEs. If this happens, the promotion will add something new for the fans to watch, and they will also be creating superstars from which they can benefit.

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