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4 things we can learn from Roman Reigns

Amit Shukla
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He has got life lessons and you can believe that
He has got life lessons and you can believe that

Roman Reigns is a polarizing figure in the WWE, and the same can be seen every time he steps out during Raw. He is booed out of every arena during the weekly shows, but this wasn't always the case. 

He was loved when Shield was in full form and even after that too. But ever since the news came out that the WWE is trying to make him the face of the company we have seen a lot of backlash from the fans. He is all muscle and has a Samoan heritage, but it still doesn't make him worthy of being the face of the company. So what if his cousin is the most electrifying man in sports entertainment 'The Rock' and his father is a legend.

All these accolades put together don't qualify him towards becoming the face of the company. In an attempt to make him a fan favorite the company also gave him the opportunity to beat The Undertaker at the shows of shows, but that got him more backlash than fan support and their effort to make him a grand slam champion also didn't get the job done.

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Despite all these issues 'The Guy' still performs for all the fans without any regrets and that brings me to the 5 things that we can learn from Roman Reigns:

#5 Listen to your Boss

The Blue Eyed Boy
The Blue Eyed Boy

Roman Reigns is a dedicated performer in the WWE and is Vince's 'Blue Eyed Boy.' The chairman looks at him as the next big thing and wants to make him the face of the company.

Roman receives a lot of backlash for being over-pushed to being the next big thing, but he still listens to the CEO Vince McMahon. He believes in his boss because Vince is a master at transforming people from mid-card to main event status.

So it is important to listen to your boss.

#4 Work Every Day

No days off
No days off

Roman Reigns is always at work, be it during weekly or live shows and he tries to sell that too every week when Brock doesn't show up on the weekly shows.

Despite his attempt, people show more connect towards Brock and yet he continues to work without any regrets. His focus is amazing, and his work ethic is of top notch. There is no stopping a man that is focussed towards his work more than the naysayers.

So no matter what people say about you, always show up to work every day.

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