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4 Unaccomplished feats of Chris Benoit

  • Chris Benoit was one of the best wrestlers ever. Here are some of his unaccomplished feats which stopped him being the greatest ever.
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 19:34 IST

Benoit is a former World Heavyweight Champion
Benoit is a former World Heavyweight Champion

Chris Benoit is a former WWE superstar, and, was one of the best wrestlers to have ever stepped foot inside the ring. He won several championships across the globe, and, defeated some of the best wrestlers of his time. Benoit was loved by the WWE Universe, and, would go to any extent to entertain the fans.

However, despite all his accomplishments, he failed to conquer several major achievements in his career. Had he achieved some of those rare feats, he could have etched his name in history as the greatest wrestler of all time. These feats would remain as a black spot in his otherwise extremely successful career in the professional pro-wrestling industry.

Here are some major unaccomplished feats in his career.

#4 Grand Slam Champion

Benoit is a former US Champion
Benoit is a former US Champion

The Grand Slam is a milestone for any wrestler who wins four individual Championships in the WWE. Two out of those championships should be world titles, and the remaining two could be any of the other promotional titles (formerly and during his time). Benoit won the World Heavyweight Championship once, the United States Championship thrice and the Intercontinental title four times. However, his inability to capture any other world championship gold, failed to crown him as the Grand Slam Champion.

The Grand Slam recognition is a mark of extraordinary talent in the professional pro-wrestling business. Only a handful of wrestlers so far have achieved this unique identity to be recognized as a Grand Slam Champion. Had Benoit's career lasted a little longer, or had he been booked for some other World Championship title matches, he would have also been a Grand Slam Champion in the WWE. A wrestler of his caliber and stature, deserved to be crowned as a Grand Slam Champion

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Published 15 Nov 2018, 16:45 IST
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