4 Ways Bayley could return at WWE SummerSlam 2022

The Role Model looks set to make her return very soon
The Role Model looks set to make her return very soon
Pranav Unnikrishnan

The WWE Universe has been awaiting Bayley's return for a long time. She has been sidelined from active competition due to an ACL injury for nearly a year. Her last match was on SmackDown in June 2021, when she and Seth Rollins faced Cesaro and Bianca Belair in a mixed tag team contest.

Bayley seems to have made a full recovery and is reportedly eyeing a return. A returning superstar of her caliber must make an immediate impact, preferably on a grand stage. The upcoming SummerSlam event serves as the perfect place to do so.

There are plenty of ways in which The Role Model can put the roster on notice. On that note, we look at four ways Bayley could make her return at SummerSlam 2022.

#4. On our list of ways in which Bayley could return at WWE SummerSlam 2022: Attacking Liv Morgan after her match


Liv Morgan is set to defend her newly-won SmackDown Women's Championship against Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam. She cashed in on Rousey to win the title earlier this month and will now have to fend off the challenge from the former champion.

This will be an incredibly tricky bout, but should Morgan retain, WWE must not have her night end there. The company could have Bayley make a triumphant return and lay out the champion with a statement of intent.

The Role Model's potential attack on the champion would immediately put her into world title contention and give Morgan a difficult test to overcome.

#3. Challenging Ronda Rousey after her match


Bayley could also target Ronda Rousey on July 30 after the latter's championship contest. Whether she wins the title from Liv Morgan or not, a post-match confrontation with the returning star could bring the house down.

The last time the two did battle in 2019, Rousey made The Role Model submit, so the latter has every reason to avenge her defeat.

The 33-year-old issuing a challenge to The Baddest Woman on the Planet will set the stage for an epic feud and match down the line. It doesn't matter if a title is involved or not, for the two are sure to put on a show.

#2. Explaining her free agent status


Bayley's hiatus from in-ring competition means she is now officially a free agent in WWE and could sign for any brand within the company. She could choose to stay on SmackDown or explore the highly-competitive waters of RAW. As a result, the creative could have her show up at SummerSlam and cut a promo on what she plans to do.

The former Hugger using her free agent status to travel between and compete on the red and blue shows would be some fresh booking. This could also see any championship she wins being defended on both shows.

#1. Joining The Bloodline

Could we see The Role Model put on a Bloodline t-shirt?
Could we see The Role Model put on a Bloodline t-shirt?

Yeah, we know the chances of this happening are pretty slim. However, fans have clamored for a female member to join The Bloodline for quite a while now. The faction seemingly has a non-Samoan member in Sami Zayn within their ranks, so who's to say they won't accommodate another one?

Unlike Zayn, Bayley would contribute much to The Bloodline, whether it is through dominant wins or championships. WWE would be wise to tweak her character up a bit, given she is returning after a long time. An alliance with Roman Reigns and company could be the perfect direction for the 33-year-old upon her comeback.

The Role Model could continue to dominate the women's division, this time with backup on her side.

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