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4 Worst WrestleMania Opening Matches

Sean Anderman
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The openers usually set the tone for the event

The opening matches are supposed to set the tone for the rest of the night. If the show starts good, the rest might be as well. Daniel Bryan vs Triple H at WrestleMania 30 was a very good opening match. The rest of the show was good and had its moments.

Money in the Bank Ladder matches have started the event in the past and all were usually really good. To go old school, Bret vs Owen Hart at WrestleMania 10 was and is considered one of the greatest WrestleMania matches ever and it happened first instead of last.

Sadly, there have been a fair share of bad opening matches in the past and we are going to look at four of them in this list.

#4 Big Show & Kane vs Carlito & Chris Masters (WrestleMania 22)

Enter captio
Big Show picking up Carlito

WWE Creative missed the mark with Carlito and Chris Masters. Both men lasted until the end of that year's Elimination Chamber match which took place at the New Years Revolution PPV. It made both men look good, but then they were quickly gone from the main event to the opener.

Kane and Big Show were dominant as Tag Team Champions. WWE booked them to be monsters who could not be stopped. So, it was a bit obvious that they weren't going to drop the belts. Especially at WrestleMania where most of the faces usually go over.

Like most young and upcoming talent, WWE failed to capitalize on Carlito and Chris Masters.

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