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1 WWE Star Who May Have Suffered An Injury and 3 WWE Stars Who Didn't At WWE Hell in a Cell 

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Alexa Bliss was one of a number of casualties at Hell in a Cell
Alexa Bliss was one of a number of casualties at Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell may have been almost 48 hours ago, but there are still a number of stars who have come forward with injuries following the most brutal pay-per-view of the year. Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton suffered the most when it comes to physical injuries coming out of their cell match, but it appears that a number of other stars are also complaining about injuries from one of the most brutal pay-per-views of the years.

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WWE has a number of events and pay-per-views coming up over the next few months which means that they need their stars to be firing on all cylinders and sadly some of these stars are not going to be working at one hundred percent for a while.

#4 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler has a rough Hell in a Cell
Dolph Ziggler had a rough Hell in a Cell

Dolph Ziggler retained his Raw Tag Team Championships alongside Drew McIntyre at Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, but made the mistake of coming out to interfere in the Hell in a Cell match between Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns, it was as part of this match that Ziggler and Rollins fought to the side of the cell and then dropped 10 feet through the announce table.

Both men were badly banged up last night on Raw but were still forced to compete by acting General Manager Baron Corbin, who was hoping that The Shield would lose all their Championships last night. It was obvious that both men were struggling throughout their match and will now be looking forward to an easy few events so that they can recover from the obvious injuries that they 'suffered' on Sunday night.

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