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4 WWE Superstars who have defeated Braun Strowman clean

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The Monster Among Men!

Braun Strowman is a monster. And he does not lose easily. It usually takes multiple finishers to put the big guy down for the count of three. He is all set to take on Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WWE Hell in a Cell 2018.

Not all superstars can boast of having a victory against The Monster Among Men. However, there are some superstars who have managed to defeat the big guy. Today, we take a look at all the superstars who managed to beat Strowman clean.

Note: This list does not include multi-man matches, and only focuses on singles matches. Also, it is not necessary that all these matches ended in a pinfall or submission. House show matches are also not counted.

#4 Roman Reigns

The Big Dog took him down

Roman Reigns was the first WWE Superstar to pin Braun Strowman clean. Until Fastlane 2017, Braun held an unpinned streak. However, in order to build The Big Dog for his clash against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, WWE decided to snap Strowman's streak and award him his first pinfall defeat.

Reigns also pinned Braun at Elimination chamber 2017. But that may not fall in this list as it was technically not a regular 1 on 1 match.

#3 Kalisto


Yes this was not a pinfall or submission victory. But this falls under a victory, and it was most definitely clean as a whistle. The Luchador was pitted against The Monster Among Men in a Dumpster match. The rules were simple, the first one to land his feet inside the dumpster loses the match.

Braun dominated for most of the match. But while he was standing on the apron, a low dropkick from Kalisto caused Braun to lose balance and land inside the dumpster. However, Kalisto could not celebrate his victory since he was busy getting wrecked by The Monster.

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