3 Wrestlers Kevin Nash Is Good Friends With And 2 He Probably Doesn't Like

  • Apart from his Kliq friends and famous enemies, we take a look at a few lesser known real-life friendships and rivalries of Diesel...
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While Kevin Nash has several good friends and notable enemies, here are a few relatively surprising friends and foes of
While Kevin Nash has several good friends and notable enemies, here are a few relatively surprising friends and foes of "Big Daddy Cool"

Kevin Nash may very well be one of the most polarizing individuals to have ever stepped foot in the professional wrestling sphere. "Big Sexy" is known to be a man who never minces his words, nor does he hesitate in getting physical should the situation require him to do so.

His run as "Diesel" at the top of the WWE food chain was relatively short--following which, the big man found tremendous success in WCW as one of the founding members of the nWo. Nash is notorious for having had several real-life confrontations back in the day--being one of the go-to guys on the odd occasion that his fellow wrestlers got into a bar fight while on the road.

Apart from a few well-known WWE Superstars such as Bret Hart, CM Punk and Samoa Joe who got on his bad side--as well as his Kliq friends such as Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, et cetera--Nash has befriended several other top performers in the business, while had major differences with a few others. Today, we're going to look at 3 wrestlers Kevin Nash is good friends with, and 2 he probably doesn't like--with the latter duo coming as a surprise to most!

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#5 Friend: Kevin Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan (right)
Kevin Sullivan (far right) is good friends with WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash

Kevin Sullivan, much like Kevin Nash, is a man regarding whom the pro-wrestling world seems to have always had a mixed opinion. Notwithstanding, having wrestled from 1970 to this day, Sullivan's accomplishments in the business are undeniable.

Despite being one of the more prominent in-ring veterans in WCW after his return to the company in 1994, Sullivan's rise to notoriety as an executive came after he 'retired' from in-ring competition in 1997. Although "The Taskmaster" continues to wrestle in 2018, from 1997 until his firing from WCW in 2001, Sullivan served as a booker for the promotion.

In reference to Sullivan's forenamed role as booker/matchmaker, Kevin Nash has often hailed the former as a "genius"--noting that despite the chaos that characterized WCW from 1999 until its sale to WWE in 2001, Sullivan was one of the pillars of the organization. Apart from Nash's close friends such as his Kliq brothers, as well as "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (with whom he's been in touch with regularly over the years), Sullivan is someone who beyond the shadow of a doubt commands a ton of respect from Kevin Nash...

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