3 Wrestlers Roman Reigns Is Good Friends With And 2 He Probably Doesn't Like

Throughout his career, Roman Reigns has made some friends and a couple enemies backstage in WWE
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Whether you love or hate "The Big Dog", the simple fact of the matter is that Roman Reigns is undoubtedly the face of the WWE's new era.

Some fans may believe that Vince McMahon hasn't quiet hit the mark in his attempts of portraying Reigns as the top-billed babyface, but the reaction Roman gets every time he walks through that curtain is polarizing--good or bad, it doesn't really matter at this point.

With John Cena taking a backseat during this transitional period in WWE, Roman Reigns has arguably become the companies locker room leader, because regardless of what the general opinion is of Roman on television, off-screen, Reigns is a company-friendly model employee. While Roman Reigns has made some good friends throughout his short career so far in WWE, there has also been a couple stars that he has rubbed the wrong way--or vice versa.

Backstage politics still do exist in the any company, and getting on the bad side of one of the faces of the company is a sure-fire way of getting put into that infamous "dog house" (no pun intended). Today, we are going to be taking a look at 3 wrestlers Roman Reigns is good friends with, and 2 he probably doesn't like....

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#5 Friend: Braun Strowman

Despite be
Despite being on-screen rivals, Roman Reigns is actually good friends with Braun Strowman

When you look at two larger than life Superstars who have been bitter rivals on WWE television for such a long time like Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman have, you probably wouldn't expect "The Monster Among Men" and "The Big Dog" to be such good friends in real-life.

In this case, Braun and Reigns are actually very close off-screen, and they had actually been spotted "breaking kayfabe" during a tour overseas last year apparently sightseeing alongside other fellow WWE stars.

In interviews, you will often hear Strowman and Roman praise one another for the work they put inside the squared circle, and Braun has mentioned in the past that Roman Reigns has helped him along his journey in WWE.

An unlikely friendship right? If there's one thing for certain about Roman and Braun, whenever they collide in the ring, a physical (and great) match is typically guaranteed.


#4 Friend: Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has been a "Roman Reigns supporter" since day one

In a cutthroat business like professional wrestling, it can certainly be hard to find supporters amongst the locker room. However, in Roman Reigns' case, 'The Big Dog" has found a loyal supporter and advocate in the legendary Chris Jericho.

Despite seemingly getting handed his opportunities in WWE, Roman Reigns hasn't had it easy to say the least from fans, and that pressure would definitely get to Reigns at some points.

With that said, Chris Jericho has come to Roman's defense in many instances by stating that Reigns is not only one of the best wrestlers he's ever faced, but one of the best wrestlers in the world in general. Though a percentage of WWE fans would strongly disagree with Jericho's statements, it does offer fans some insight on what one of the best of all time has to say about Roman.

On top of all this, Roman Reigns is apparently also one of Chris' drinking buddies...


#3 Probably Doesn't Like: CM Punk

CM Punk and Roman Reigns have exchanged "shots" in the past towards each other

Right from the get-go, Roman Reigns was definitely not going to become one of CM Punk's buddies by any stretch. The Shield were really starting to pick up momentum during Punk's infamous struggles and issues with WWE in late 2013 and early 2014, and since leaving WWE, CM Punk has held nothing back when it comes to Roman Reigns.

In various shoot interviews, Punk has mentioned how it angered him the way WWE were going out of their way to protect Roman and make him "look strong".

Of course Punk's hatred for The Shield and Roman specifically was amplified considering he was already having issues with the WWE and Vince McMahon at the time, but Roman is no saint by any stretch in this beef with "The Cult Of Personality". Earlier this year, Reigns made a subtle shot towards CM Punk by stating that he would watch Punk's upcoming fight if it lasted for more than 30 seconds....Well, that's got to sting...


#2 Friend(s): Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

The Shield (Roman, Dean and Seth) are "brothers" on and off-screen

Likely the most obvious WWE Superstars featured on this list who are good friend with Roman Reigns would unquestionably be Reigns' "Shield brothers", Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. While the trio were never buddies to start off with during their careers, once put together as the WWE's next top faction, a bond would form which has been impossible to break thus far.

Although The Shield have since gone their separate ways in WWE, Roman, Dean and Seth are still good buddies behind the scenes, and they often work-out together on the road as well as hanging out at various restaurants and bars.

Roman has went on record to state that he views Ambrose and Rollins as "brothers", and this speaks volumes in regards to their tight-knit friendship. It is very probable that we will witness yet another Shield reunion sooner rather than later considering all three former members reside on Monday Night Raw.


#1 Probably Doesn't Like: Enzo Amore

While E
Towards the end of Enzo Amore's WWE run, Roman had kicked "The Certified G" off a tour bus

As we had alluded to in the intro of this article, Roman Reigns has undoubtedly become a locker room leader in WWE since his big push, and with that power comes the tall responsibility of dealing with talent who may get out of line at times.

While Enzo Amore has denied the following allegations, apparently, Roman had taken the initiative of throwing Enzo off of a bus during one of WWE's many tours in Europe last year, and the alleged reasoning behind this was due to Amore being inconsiderate and disrespectful towards his co-workers while on a loud phone call.

In a WWE exclusive video, Corey Graves had asked Enzo about the situation, and Amore denied it strongly. If this rumor happens to be true, it's clear Enzo Amore was not in the good books of Roman Reigns.

Now released from the WWE, it's highly unlikely that many wrestlers are missing "The Certified G", as he was reported to have been in hot water with most talent and officials backstage...

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