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5 Abandoned WWE Finishers

Israel Lutete
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These finishers are gone and forgotten
These finishers are gone and forgotten from WWE

Finishers have been an integral part of the professional wrestling business as long as the sport itself, and we as fans have seen different moves being performed for decades, while some have been improved to suit the modern time and so as to fit the PG guidelines.

Every WWE Superstar has a finishing maneuver, and even though some look more devastating than the other, the performer has a big role to play so as to execute the move safely and correctly.

Superstars have changed their finishing moves either because it doesn't fit the portrayed gimmick or because the move is too risky. Some just prefer to go along with time and get one that suits them more.

Some finishers are simply too dangerous to perform because they might put another wrestler at risk--perhaps also because when children try to copy the move at home they may end up injuring themselves and/or someone else.

WWE knows this, and in order to refrain from going against their PG rating as well as to tone down the number of injuries and concussions wrestlers may suffer during a match; certain finishers are banned by the powers that be. Many wrestlers around the globe have suffered career threatening injuries due to botched moves and dangerous finishers, such as the Piledriver.

It takes two wrestlers to perform a finishing move safely and correctly as both their lives and careers are on the line.

These five finishers however were not banned per se, but were abandoned because they were pretty awkward and didn't suit the performer very much. Here are 5 WWE finishers that were abandoned and forgotten--

#5 The O-Zone

The O-Zone was a finisher used by former WWE Champion Randy Orton. He used the move as his finisher when he was still a novice performer in the company, before he went on to become the 'Legend Killer' that we know him as today.


All Randy Orton did was place his right leg on his opponents neck, grab the left arm and then overturn, causing his opponents to turn and land on their back or the back of the neck.

Thankfully, Randy Orton established the jumping cutter as his new finisher and called it the RKO. Things changed for the better and the RKO suits his Apex Predator gimmick more.

The O-Zone is forgotten and fans don't think about it at all. It is now gone and we don't look forward to seeing it at all in WWE.

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