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5 audacious claims made by Hulk Hogan

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Published 08 Apr 2016, 13:45 IST
08 Apr 2016, 13:45 IST
Whatcha gonna say ‘Brother’?

Right about now, the only person talking about Hulk Hogan (other than me, of course), would be Hulk Hogan. In the 80s and early 90s, Hogan took the wrestling world by storm. Hogan was to wrestling fans what Mickey Mouse is to the Disney fans – an iconic figure that was synonymous with professional wrestling. The way Hogan urged the kids to say their prayers and drink their milk made lives of millions of parents around the world easier.

As a kid, I remember having at least one Hulk Hogan poster. While I never saw him in WWE in the 90s, and caught glimpses of Hogan and NWO on primetime TNT, Hogan made professional wrestling what it is today. No one can take away the fact that without Hulk Hogan, there might not have been WWE as we know it. However, throughout the years, Hogan has also managed to tarnish his own legacy.

From the racist rants to irresponsible behavior, to doing things without repercussions, Hogan managed to lower himself in the eyes of his fans. However, the biggest complaint that people have about Hogan is his ability to stretch the truth, and make audacious claims.

Today, we take a look at five such instances when Hulk Hogan managed to raise quite a few eyebrows with his version of truth.

5). Hulk Hogan on Chris Benoit’s wife being a Satanist

Hogan claimed Nancy was into “Devil worshipping” 

The Benoit Family tragedy is easily the most devastating news that shook the wrestling industry. From the late 80s through early 2000s, Chris Benoit earned a reputation as one of the greatest wrestlers on the planet. Benoit was compared to the legendary Dynamite Kid, and was hailed as the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Chris Benoit’s Royal Rumble win, and later his victory at WrestleMania 20 were seen as those rare occasions when WWE puts the title on fan favorites to appease the fans.

In 2007, the Benoit double murder - suicide turned the professional wrestling industry upside down. Most of the former professional wrestlers turned actors/ chose other profession ran away from the topic, while the veterans of the industry defended the business. It was probably the darkest period the business has ever witnessed, and it was then that Hulk Hogan went on TV and claimed that Chris Benoit’s wife, Nancy Benoit was a “Devil worshipper”.

What Hogan implied from what he said is up to interpretation, but what the Hulkster tried to achieve by accusing Nancy is horrendous to say the least. Well, as it turns out, Hogan said much worse about others later in his life.

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