5 backstage stories about Triple H you won't believe - Almost getting fired, Montreal Screwjob involvement and more 

Triple H
Triple H

Triple H has been with WWE for 25 years now and has been involved in a lot of things that were not reported. Today, we cover a few backstage stories about Hunter that are not widely known and could spring a surprise for the readers.

Did you know that Triple H was involved in the Montreal Screwjob? He even was in legal trouble after delivering his first pedigree! All that and more as we look at the 5 backstage stories about Triple H you won't believe:

#5 - Triple H almost got fired in 1996

Triple H joined WWE in 1995 and if it wasn't for Vince Russo, he might have not lasted in the company for 25 months.

The former WCW Champion revealed that backstage personalities were so angry with Triple H for breaking kayfabe that they wanted him fired. The Game reportedly went to the ring and hugged Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Shawn Michaels while he was a heel in the storyline.

Russo recalls that Nash and Hall were leaving WWE for WCW and Michaels was the champion when the incident took place at Madison Square Garden.

"Curtain Call happened at Madison Square Garden. Kevin Nash and Scott Hall went to WCW. Shawn Michaels was the champion, so they weren’t going to touch him. So, who was going to be the whipping boy? Triple H. They were gonna bury Triple H, and they were gonna torture Triple H. And they were gonna humiliate Triple H.”
"And they were going to make his life miserable for doing that one thing. And because I was there, I was able to say, 'What are you guys, children? First of all, nobody believes wrestling is real. So, you’re getting all upset with this freaking ‘Curtain Call.’ I mean, at the time, Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette wanted Triple H fired. They wanted him fired. That’s how pissed off they were."

It is a good thing Russo had Triple H's back or else we might not be working on this article today.

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Edited by Akhilesh Tirumala

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