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5 Best heels in the wrestling industry right now

Ishan Kacker
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Daniel Bryan's heel run was highly important in his becoming the most loved babyface in WWE

The world of pro-wrestling revolves around two dimensions: 'babyfaces' and 'heels'. 'Babyfaces' are the supposed good guys, who'll do everything right, and will not resort to dirty tactics, no matter what. Superstars like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan, and Johnny Gargano are the best examples of babyfaces.

'Heels' are the bad guys, the villains of the story. They will use underhanded tactics and dirty tricks to pursue their selfish interests. Vince McMahon was one of the best heels during the Attitude Era, and it was his villainous persona, that helped Stone Cold become such a huge babyface.

In the modern era, there are only a limited few individuals, who are able to draw the ire of the crowd. In spite of the crowd cheering for them, these superstars are able to turn the crowd against them. They act like they are the most despicable individuals on the planet, and everyone ends up hating them.

Let's take a look at five of the best heels in the business today, and compliment these men and women for their true brilliance.

#5 Sami Callihan

Sami Callihan wrestles in Impact Wrestling

For those who don't know, Sami Callihan is part of Impact Wrestling, as a part of the heel stable OVE(Ohio versus Everything).He is one of the most ruthless individuals on the Impact roster. Fans might know him from his time in Combat Zone Wrestling, where he works both, as a performer as well as a creative executive.

He was recently in news for accidentally breaking Eddie Edwards's nose, a fellow wrestler in Impact Wrestling, during a post-match beat-down. Even though Callihan did not intentionally hurt the man, he would make you believe otherwise.

His interview with TMZ and his Twitter responses regarding the incident, replicate what a truly hateful character Callihan is. His disrespect for other roster members adds to his villainous persona, and makes him look like an outright 'bad-guy'.

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