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5 Best in-ring workers in WWE history

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Two of the best in history.
Two of the best in history.

The "Entertainment" in WWE has come a long way. Since the beginning of the PG Era, wrestlers have toned down their intensity, but you still find sporadic occasions where a certain move-set makes your jaw drop.

WWE is one of the most grueling sports today. The risks that wrestlers take is unimaginable, and they put it all on the line when they step into the ring. Whether it be a high-flyer, a grappler or a brawler, each performer has a unique selling proposition that makes him a fan favorite.

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Performers who have spent years honing the craft of technical wrestling are always appreciated. These "artists" always try to look their best and paint a beautiful picture that fans worldwide can enjoy. And that's why technical wrestlers make sports entertainment great!

But one question remains: Who is the greatest technical wrestler of all time in the WWE? Perhaps the top five can help you find your pick.

Honorable Mentions: Dean Malenko, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Bob Backlund, Mr. Perfect, William Regal

#5 (Shared) AJ styles and Daniel Bryan

Two of the best currently and in history as well.
Two of the best currently.

Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles are two of the best in-ring technicians in WWE today. Period! The two SmackDown superstars have faced each other once in WWE and put on a classic contest, only to be interfered by Shinsuke Nakamura.

Let's take a look at each of them one by one.


Daniel Bryan made a stellar comeback after a two-year break from the in-ring action. Before even arriving in WWE, Bryan enjoyed massive success in the indie wrestling promotions, and it was a matter of when, that "The American Dragon" makes his way to the big league.

From his stint in NXT to the "YES Movement" on RAW, Daniel Bryan has given the crowd his 100%. Despite his comparatively shorter height, Bryan makes up for it with his maneuvers which he executes with precise perfection.

William Regal had the following to say about Daniel Bryan

First of all, he had a good mentor in me. And then he went and picked the brains of the best technical wrestlers around the world. He learned from Robbie Brookside and all the best wrestlers in Britain, all the best wrestlers in Japan.
Then he took it to a level out of my realm with his jujitsu training and his grappling coach Neil [Melanson]. These are the people who are the best at what they do. He’s taken bits from every single one of us, which makes him better than everybody else.

AJ Styles' debut in WWE had been awaited for the longest time. At Royal Rumble 2016, "The Phenomenal One" finally made his debut, and since then there has been no looking back for him. Known for his prowess, thrilling aerial maneuvers, and supreme confidence, Styles is the smoothest and most exciting wrestler in the world, let alone WWE.

He is so good inside the squared circle that he has three finishers- Styles Clash, Calf Crusher, and the most rewindable move in all of wrestling, The Phenomenal Forearm.

Paul Heyman has this to say about AJ Styles moments after his client defeated the Phenomenal One at Survivor Series.

If you’re not a fan of AJ Styles, you shouldn’t be watching the WWE.
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