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5 best matches from the Women's Revolution 

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It's about time!

WWE made history when they signed one of the best female fighters Ronda Rousey this year. With that announcement, all eyes are once again on the Women's division. WWE has done a great job in making the Women's division more than Bra & Panties matches.

Over the few years, the women have created some of the best matches that will be talked about for years to come. Stars like Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Charlotte have made the division what it is today.

Years ago, no one thought the women would be having Money in the bank or Hell in the Cell matches. The Royal Rumble was something special as well. Well, let's look at some of the best matches the women have had over the last few years.

#5 Asuka vs Nikki Cross- NXT June 2017

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The Brutality alone makes this match memorable!

The Women's division isn't shy about using weapons in their matches. The Money in the Bank and Hell in The Cell matches proved that. So, when the first ever Last Woman Standing match between Asuka and Nikki Cross was announced, you knew it was going to be good.

The match had great high spots and storytelling as well. But it wasn't until the ladder spot at the end that made the match even better. Both ladies going through the table after Asuka delivered an awesome suplex through the table.

Just by a few seconds, Asuka was able to get back on her feet. It made the ending just as dramatic as the whole match itself.

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